About VVC

Valley Veterinary Clinic is proud to have a large team of Registered Veterinary Technicians working with us. They work hard to ensure the comfort, safety and optimal health of your pet!

Summer Bates, R.V.T.

Summer has been an animal technician for 20 years. She obtained her R.V.T license 7 years ago and has worked for Valley Veterinary Clinic for 14 years. She enjoys emergency medicine and surgery. She is happily married with two sons.

Katie Yates, R.V.T.

Katie became a licensed R.V.T. in June of 2009 and has worked at Valley Veterinary Clinic for 9 years. She is our Animal Technician Manager. When not working, she enjoys horseback riding, particularly barrel racing. Her veterinary interests are emergency medicine, surgery and working with fractious cats.

Kim Stern, R.V.T.

Kim has worked at Valley Veterinary Clinic since the fall of 2014 while attending Pierce College for animal science courses. She graduated Pierce College last year in 2017 and successfully passed her State and National R.V.T. exams this Spring. Kim is responsible for the ordering of our hospital medical supplies as well as her R.V.T. duties. When not working, Kim enjoys spending time with her Golden Retriever, her best friend and her parvovirus survivor Chihuahua.

Casey Grant, R.V.T.

Casey has always had a love and passion for animals of all shapes and sizes. She never had dogs or cats as a child; but in many ways this fueled her developing passion. She moved from Arizona to California in 2015 to pursue a career in Veterinary Medicine and enrolled in classes at Pierce College. During her time at Pierce, she met a fellow Valley Veterinary Clinic employee, Kim Stern, who is also a R.V.T. Through their new friendship, Casey received an opportunity to begin her career at our hospital. They share their passion for Veterinary nursing and often collaborate on how to advance their skills together. Casey looks forward to a long career as a Registered Veterinary Technician, and has even entertained the idea of attending Veterinary school in the future.

Alexis Acosta, R.V.T.

Alexis has worked for Valley Veterinary Clinic since 2009 initially as a front office receptionist. She worked her way to becoming a technician while going to Moorpark college. She graduated with degrees in biology and natural sciences in the fall of 2016. Shortly after graduating, she began an accelerated R.V.T. program in Ventura. When not working, Alexis enjoys working out and spending time with her long time boyfriend and her dog ‘Sophers’.

Hanna Vargo, R.V.T.

Hanna has been working at Valley Veterinary Clinic since October 2010. In 2016, she was fortunate enough to qualify for an accelerated RVT program which she completed in 2017. In 2019, she successfully passed her state and national testing and received her RVT license. Her goals for the near future are to specialize in emergency and critical care.

When not working, Hanna enjoys being with her animal children, saving bugs, wine tasting, indoor rock climbing or practicing yoga.

Megan Hesselbrock, R.V.T.

Megan has been part of the Valley Veterinary Clinic team since 2013. She grew up loving animals which included rats, ferrets, dogs and cats. After accumulating experience with animals in a hospital setting she qualified for an accelerated RVT program that she completed in 2017. Megan became a licensed R.V.T. in 2019. When she is not working, she thoroughly enjoys playing video games, going to the movies, baking, and hanging out with her cousin and boyfriend.