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New Pet Wellness Exams

Early veterinary visits will include vaccinations, to help protect puppies and kittens from dangerous diseases, and regular exams to help diagnose, treat and prevent health problems before they become serious. It is important to not walk or take your pet to public areas until they are fully vaccinated, usually around 16 weeks of age.
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Prevent Fleas & Ticks

With warm weather and increased traveling, pesky parasites can lead to serious health issues. It's time to discuss safe and effective parasite prevention options and recommendations with your veterinarian to keep your pet healthy this season.
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Annual Wellness Exams

Our comprehensive wellness exams incorporate preventative medicine including vaccinations, spaying and neutering, diagnostics. dental care, parasite control, microchip identification, and nutrition. Your pet's optimal health is our priority.
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Traveling pet safety tips

Going on a family vacation? Your pet is family and it's fun to take him or her with you. Your veterinarian can help you by addressing health issues, give advice on vaccinations and medications you may need, and being a source of information on legal documents when you travel.
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In case of Pet Emergency...

In the event of an emergency we ask that you call our hospital at (805) 526-0917 or (818) 884-1533. During normal business hours, your call will be answered to determine extent of the emergency. After hours, your call will be forwarded to our answering service and will be directed an emergency facility. See our Emergency Page for more information.